Okay, since the site just opened, I actually haven't been asked any questions yet... but having been to other cyberpet adoption agencies, and having been around in the online gaming community for awhile, I know exactly what questions lots of people are going to ask. Also, if you've never adopted a cyber-pet before, then visit the Cyberpet Netiquette page to learn what this stuff is all about and how to make the most of it.

Can I adopt a Tonberry or Cactuar without having a web page?
Well uh... what would be the point? The whole point of cyber-adoption, at least in my opinion, is to add a fun little touch to your page, sort of a mascot or guardian. Without a page to put it on, it's just an image. The one exception is... several people mentioned possibly putting it in their footer on a message board. And actually, that's a pretty cool idea, so as long as the link back stays intact, go for it. Just as long as your little adoptee isn't homeless... If you do such a thing, in the parents' registry, just put the URL of the message board where it asks for a web page.

Does my page have to be about Final Fantasy for me to adopt?
Nope! As I mentioned above, the whole point is to add a little splash of personality to your page, whatever it's about. If you're a Square fan who's got a page about your local sports team, that's fine. If you're someone with a page about poetry who just surfed in, and has no idea what Final Fantasy is but you just like the funny-looking cactus thing, that's fine too.

Do I *have* to copy the HTML fragment exactly?
No, not exactly. If your site is designed in such a way that the existing fragment looks awkward on it, by all means, modify it to look better. I'm a big believer in not having to compromise aesthetics. The main reason the HTML fragments are there at all is so that people who might not be very proficient at HTML can simply copy the code and paste it into their page. All I really ask is that you provide a link back to this page somewhere near the image.

Why should I provide a link back to this page?
Two reasons. One, if you like a page enough to use the service it provides, it's polite to link to it from the page on which you use that service. Two, I really, really hate it when I see people who have adopted cool cyber-pets but don't tell me where to get one of my own. ;) It's like being taunted...

Will you link to my page?
Not on the main links page, unless you have a tonberry or cactuar related site, or a Squaresoft adoption agency like this one. This page has a very specific topic, and I'm not going to take the time to link to the millions of FF fan sites on the web which have basically nothing to do with it. However, if you adopted a tonberry or cactuar, and signed the parents' registry, your page's link will be found in the registry.

How many can I adopt?
As many as you want, but for crying out loud - don't fill an entire page with them or something, unless you have a good reason. Too many similar cyber-pets from one place all crammed together just makes you look greedy...

Why is the picture broken when I put it on my page?
Probably one of two reasons: Either you didn't upload the picture from your HD into the right directory on your own server, or you directly ignored my instructions on the "Adopt your own" page and decided to link to my images. In the former case, just make sure that the image file is in the same directory as the HTML file which displays it. In the latter case, I don't want people stealing bandwidth, so I chose a server that doesn't allow outside linking. Go back and download your own copy of the image if you really want to adopt one. And if you honestly can't download or upload images, then drop me an email and I'll try to work something out.

Tonberry? Cactuar? Those aren't the real names!
Thanks to the marvelously consistant translations that Square is known for </sarcasm>, it's sort of hard to tell. I do know that in Japan the tonberries are called tonberries, despite the fact their names had been mistranslated in America as a couple other things. And as for cactuars... well, in Japan they're sabotenders, but it appears that Square's translation staff has decided to keep the name cactuar around. After all, the rest of FF8's translation was quite accurate. ...Now watch them name them "Cactémon" or something in FF9, just so I have to change all the headers...

Are you trying to say it's mean to kill tonberries and cactuars in the FF games?
No, that's just a gimmick I came up with. Although reading back over my dissertation on cactuars, I realized I'd given myself a minor guilt trip. :P But they're so good for AP in FF8, I'll probably go on hunting them.

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